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"I think we all love being taught by you, you are so attentive, encouraging and I really look forward to your classes knowing they'll be challenging yet relaxing and with a bit of fun thrown in too" Julie S

"Cynthia's Pilates sessions cannot be recommended highly enough. I suffered an extremely painful prolapsed disc in my spine earlier in the year... The surgeon was ready to be put me under the knife until I got a second opinion and told to take up Pilates. This turned out to be the best advice ever! The Reformer sessions have been immensely beneficial and thanks to Cynthia, my core stability is back to the level of my youthful days!" S Judge, Twickenham

Thank you for oodles of help, tips, Pilates and being a Mum advice and for getting me into better shape and Milly hopefully liking exercise. Wow more than a regular Pilates class! G Cooper

I've absolutely loved Pilates, more than I ever imagined, and look forward to the class every week. I so wish I had done a class every week back when I was rowing - it would have probably been more beneficial than weights! Rachel M

No drugs used apart from 2 paracetamol and it's all down to the breathing techniques learnt in your class, general fitness and my partner being a very good massage therapist!! so thank you very much! Elisabeth S

Pilates was brilliant for helping me 'breathe' her out! It was much easier than last time! I was in labour just under 4 hours and had her in the pool at Kingston Julia S

I have enjoyed your class a LOT, you have been great. Please keep me on your mail list as I would like to join the mum &baby version. Thanks!

Take care

"Cynthia, thank you for the classes, you've been the best Pilates teacher I've had at the time I've probably needed it most. I never worried about bringing Joseph either as he seemed to enjoy it too." Hannah H

"...Born at home without drugs etc funny enough your voice in my head got me through. I even gave up on gas and air - too distracting." J Hewitt

"....just a little hello and to say thank you for all your help in the pregnancy pilates classes! They were so helpful and I really enjoyed the classes and it was great to meet some friends too! Thank you for all your advice also - the whole birth thing really is quite something isnt it!!!! I think they certainly stood me in good stead for the arrival of our little girl,....." H Foster, Hampton

"Every time I have a Pilates lesson elsewhere, I am thinking of the incredible base knowledge Cynthia provided during the year I was a member in her studio. Thanks Cynthia."

"I'm really enjoying Pilates, and can feel the benefits everyday."
L Collier

"....I couldn't have done it without you and all the things I learnt in class............I just wanted to say thanks, your classes have been invaluable." H Foy

I would just like to say what excellent teaching I have received from you and that I can sense a real progress from the beginning when I wasn't sure when to breathe and what to do! You are very alert to what each of us is doing and the exercises all 'make sense', I can see what each is doing for us and leading to as I look back. I really enjoy it!! Thank you!!
C Hinckley

"Thanks so much for all your guidance and for being so helpful and supportive about me trying for a natural birth. I focused a lot on what you taught us during my labour which really helped." T Jones, Pregnancy Twickenham

"I wanted to thank you....without having done this in your atnenatal classes I wouldn't have had a clue how to push without any feeling and using your visualisation techniques really helped. So, thank you I only wish I was still in the area to attend your postnatal classes and help me get everything back into shape!"
C Bosher

Hi, I have been meaning to write since Sunday morning when I woke up with aching muscles.
Thank you for an amazing class. I loved the first and the last class.
Both times I could feel muscles I did not know existed.
Looking forward to the next class.
I'm missing it already.
A Shah, Twickenham

I just wanted to say thanks for today and to let you know how much i enjoyed the class. I wish I had found you when I was pregnant with my first child! The analogy with muscle burning when doing exercise repetitions is geniusand is something that most people can relate to. I was really frightened before both of my previous births and did not feel in control, but now, although I know I am not necessarily in control of the feeling, I can control my response to the feelings and I don't feel that they will overwhelm me this time. R Buxton, Twickenham

"I have done pilates on and off for many years, but Perform Pilates is by far the best class I have ever been too. Cynthia's lesson plans are excellent: there is just the right combination of familiar mat work (each week we build on previously learnt exercises and develop our routines) with challenging new exercises to try. The variety also helps boost confidence as it means that everyone finds something which they can
master. I have really noticed the difference after only a term of
classes to my overall well-being and fitness. I had a ski trip before starting classes and another one at the end of the first term and the difference was remarkable - I was considerably stronger for the second trip, which meant I could stay on the slopes longer, enjoy it much more and didn't come home with any of the back aches I experienced after the earlier trip."
Amanda B, Twickenham

"I hadn't been to Pilates classes for four years and had been struggling with a bulging disc in my lower back but I knew straight away I was in good hands with Cynthia who is a great teacher. And I'm enjoying the classes too!"
M Bayley, Twickenham

I think that pilates helped me so much during the pregnancy and labour - thank you so much. I really really enjoyed the sessions!
S Jenkins, Twickenham

"It struck me that work used to be the main reason for me wanting to find a part time nanny. All of a sudden it's Pilates. Thanks a lot for being a very inspiring and good instructor. I am so hooked :-)"
K Graabaek, Postnatal Mummy and Baby, Richmond

I really wanted to thank you for putting on a fab course - I really, really enjoyed the sessions, and particularly valued how you built in chats about pregnancy, labour and beyond into the classes. They really helped me to feel more confident about the end of the pregnancy! V Burns

"Tilly" arrived in the early hours of the 27th ..... Water birth as planned and I was in the zone throughout! Still hard work though!
Will be working on those pelvic floor muscles as soon as I can feel them again! Hope to see you in the new year in your classes or just popping in to say hi.
F. B, Pregnancy, Twickenham

I just wanted to say a huge thank you because your wonderful advice and teaching transformed my labour and made me much more confident about giving birth at home. Jenny G

"If your thinking of taking up pilates or are looking for a class I can highly recommend Cynthia. She makes it easy to follow the exercises in class and and at home. No question is stupid she will explain what muscles should be working and what you should be feeling. I am completely hooked and wished i had taken pilates up sooner.
I have found Cynthia to be professional and friendly and that makes it easy for me to keep up with the classes."
L Coker, 1:1 sessions, Twickenham

"Just a short note to say that I really enjoyed the class last night and looking forward to the 5 –week course"
L Derry, Twickenham

"He came extremely quickly, 5 hours in labour....the affirmations got me through it with just gas and air!! Thank you for all the brilliant advice and great Pilates classes, I felt very prepared!"
L Cresswell

"Cynthia's approach to teaching Pilates makes it easy to understand and follow. I've attended both classes and private sessions and Cynthia manages to give you the same level of attention in a class as she does in a one to one. I leave every session looking forward to the next and have recommended friends who have come away feeling exactly the same."
H Ingham, Richmond - General classes

"I'd been suffering from back pain, which got worse after having a baby and my physio recommended pilates. I did a beginners class and some general pilates classes at my gym but never felt that I really understood what to do.
Cynthia was amazing right from when I first got in touch to when we finished our last session. She was really on the ball - getting in touch with me quickly and regularly to organise our sessions - and my homework! But most of all, I enjoyed her really friendly but firm sessions - always challenging me and building my confidence to do more than I thought I could. I have really improved my core strength, improved my back pain considerably, become more flexible, whilst having fun. I look forward to joining one of Cynthia's classes to keep my motivation going soon."
C Walker, Richmond

For me your classes have been the perfect way to get back into exercise post baby- the joy [& relief!] of rediscovering one’s pelvic floor is immense. One of the great challenges of pilates [for me] is properly understanding the sequences of movements & you have great patience in ensuring we all know what we are supposed to be doing in order to get the most out of our session- thank you!,
C Thorpe, Twickenham

"Cynthia provides a very special atmosphere in her classes. She makes newcomers feel welcome and provides the additional support and time necessary to catch up with the group. She is very calm and knowledgeable and has children of her own so she has the additional personal experience necessary to understand post-birth recuperation. After having reasearched and shortlisted a series of post-natal pilates classes that would fit my needs, and having tried Cynthia's first, I feel I don't have to try any other."
M.G, Richmond

"I am addicted! I do not feel I can miss a class and
always look forward to the next one."
B Jones, Richmond - Postnatal mummy and baby

"After the first session, I knew this was something special. I noticed an immediate improvement in my back and was able to move a lot freer. At home I can now run up and down the stairs!"
H Astrid, Twickenham

"Excellent, excellent!! Tutor - really couldn't fault her communication and relationship with babies and mothers. Really enjoyable and something to take away and practice. Thanks so much!"
Welcare Postnatal Mummy and Baby Pilates Course

100% of WELCARE clients reported that classes had met their expectations and had improved their mental well-being.

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